Catching Up & Cleaning Up with BLEACH's Final Arc

I said I was done with reading Bleach after things got too crazy with Ichigo's heritage (not spoiling it for you) but alas! curiosity got the best of me! I've had to backtrack a bit because the series has gotten so complicated lately. Not to mention it's now getting close to 600 chapters.

I miss the more humorous aspects of the earlier Bleach works which is partly why I lost interest. Bleach had something special amidst manga and I felt disconnected to that after so many chapters. However, the past is the past. Manga creator, Tite Kubo, has surprised me in a pleasant way. Yes. Bleach has taken a turn for the darker side but the creator has also come into his own. The illustrations are richer and the character depth has clarified in a good way.

From where I've begun I'm finally seeing those loose ends tied up. Not in the vague 'it just kinda happened but I planned it like that' *cough Aizen cough* but legitimately logical. Instead of 'sure...' you are more along the ways of 'why did I not see that before? It makes total sense!' Granted, there is still some shady edges to the storylines but what can you do?

For those who are reading their way, have read, or are now tempted let me not spoil it for you (altho if you have read it don't spoil it for me. I've still got another 40 chapters to catch up!). I will give you a few tidbits & teasers to intrigue you. If you fear even those then thank you for reading and STOP now before you go past the line below.


                                        *FINAL WARNING*

Teasers & Tidbits:

 *Finally. Finally. We see more of the true Kenpachi and the mystery behind his nameless Zanpakuto. Expect to also find answers to the mysterious Yachiru of his past.

  *Unohana's weird braid is finally explained! Thank goodness. I thought it was just a bad hair decision but there is a purpose to it.

 *Expect Close-Calls. Immense Battles. And Deaths. Yes. There will be actual characters who have become near and dear to us who will die. I really mean this. Although most will just..nearly die.

 *Ichigo will, of course, face some massive battle. Will he emerge scot-free? Haven't gotten that far yet.

 *We finally get to know a bit more about the mysterious Masaki Kurosaki & how she fell for the 10th division's shinigami taicho.

  *Finally get a look into Uryuu's family! Whoo hoo. About time!

 *Ichigo will get the shock of his life in his zanpakuto, Zangetsu. Was not expecting the 'old man' to turn out to be what he was.

 *Found out Aizen was a douche back before Ichigo was even thought of. That's not actually new but you get to see it all over again in manga form.