Kuroshitsuji Makes for March Manga Must

It's been a long while since I found myself anxiously awaiting the latest chapter of Kuroshitsuji. I am always on a constant roller coaster with the manga. Going months without checking in only to be counting down the days on a new chapter. 

The latest cover of Kuroshitsuji featuring our fave Sebastian & Ciel
For example? I loved the Campania arc (even though it was suspiciously reminiscent of Titanic). There was no Rose & Jack drama but my favorite Undertaker showed up with a surprise or two. The arc was filled with everything wonderful about Kuroshitsuji. The darkness of Ciel's past, hidden strengths from the most surprising characters (Lizzy..who knew?), humor, near death experiences, Undertaker (nuff said), with Grell even dropping by to hit on 'his' Sebby while taking part in one epic battle.

There was a humorous Easter chapter which followed and after the first chapter of the next arc...well...it took me months to return to the manga. I was far from enamored with the storyline. Even going so far as to seriously contemplate giving up on the series all together. As a sentimental creature of habit I could not do so without giving it one last try. I read up on the arc missed (which fell flat of my hopes for future chapters) and tried to have an open mind for what was to come.

Chapter 90: That Butler, Leaving

I am so happy I returned to the world of Kuroshitsuji. This new arc holds many of the elements I adore about the work. In a way it steps away from the previous questions raised in prior arcs. Somehow I find myself more relieved than disappointed. Sometimes I feel as though writers are forcing connections whereas previously they allowed the story to naturally flow. Reading the latest chapters has reaffirmed my belief in Kuroshitsuji being a manga must.

How serious am I about this one? I've checked several times already for this month's chapter 91 to appear. Updates are usually on the 18th of the month so I'm feeling a tad impatient. Last month left a bit of a cliffhanger.

 Since the anime/manga first introduced Ciel we have known his faithful butler, Sebastian to forever be at his side. How will the manga play out when the very core of all Kuroshitsuji is torn apart? Ciel has yet to achieve his aims before Sebastian can lay claim to his soul. Doesn't appear like Sebastian is about to devour it so we shall see how the two survive this new turn of events.

                                *Spoilers on Chapter 90 & Kuroshitsuji (in general)
                   Also...Unanswered Questions On Chapter 91                

            *Read at your own risk or turn back now!*
*You've Been Warned*

Who was there for Ciel?
Kuroshitsuji manga fans are all familiar with the events surrounding Ciel's past and why he called Sebastian in the first place. However we only get the occasional flashback into his dark past. Chapter 90 has brought up a whole new question on Ciel's captivity. We assumed he was alone through most of it; however, this chapter opens the door to an entirely new character (or not so new) who was there during those events. I don't have a theory on the mystery person only the strong belief it was not a manifestation of Sebastian. Others have theorized it may even have been Finny. I doubt that but in the world of Kuroshitsuji anything is possible.

Sebastian finds himself a victim of the curse

Sebastian is a demon. How is it possible he was affected by the forest's curse? I expected Ciel would be hit by it but definitely not Sebastian. What could possible be so powerful as to affect our favorite 'one hell of a butler?'

Hurry up update!
The obvious question is about the nature of the 'green witch.' She has shown to have a few unusual 'ideas' but those have brought more humor than harm to the story. Sex miseducation at its finest indeed. However, she does save Ciel's life even after knowing both him and Sebastian ignored her warnings about entering into the forest. Was it kindness? I doubt it. This girl may look innocent but definitely has an agenda. Starting with Sebastian as her personal butler while Ciel struggles to face his demons.