Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Manga Review

You don't have to search far for mangas involving demons. Kuroshitsuji, Hana no Akuma, there are so many at times you begin to wonder if one will set itself apart. The same goes often for mystery mangas. I was not looking for either specifically when I came across Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I liked the illustrations and the description intrigued me so I began a journey through this two hundred chapter work by Matsui Yuusei. 

Neuro has no plans to be servantile. Ever.
Mangas commonly feature demons who come to earth. They typically form contracts in return for something of a humans. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro did start with the standard demon coming from the demon world. Only, Neuro, the demon is different than so many others. He comes to earth after consuming all the 'puzzles' of the demon world. To seek out more to consume I would have thought he would make some form of a contract. In a way he does. He finds Yako Katsuragi who is facing the mystery of her father's death. A death labeled as a suicide merely because the police fail to find the culprit regardless of how impossible such an action would be. 

In reality, Yako is the slave with even the corpse hair
secretary rating above her in status
By complying to his help Neuro decides to make Katsuragi into the famous 'high-school detective.' In public he refers to himself as her lowly assistant. Neuro is the one who lays out how each mystery took place. Katsuragi, at first, appears little more than his sadistic 'amoeba.'

As Neuro devours his mysteries he also finds ways to popularize their detective business. Meanwhile, he is constantly torturing Yako in one way or another. Yako, herself, provides an edge of humor to the manga with her insatiable appetite. The girl literally shuts down whole buffets with her eating habits. Yet behind the monstrous appetite is someone who remains introspective yet finds a way into people's hearts. 

Even famed singer Aya listens to what Yako says
Her wise words seem so innocent yet change the lives of everyone they come across. Even former Yakuza, Godai (known as slave two to Neuro) refuses on handing over the two claiming she has a power of her own. Even though Yako is oblivious to what she is capable of those who speak with her are definitely not.

So cool he replaces AC
I stopped reading the manga temporarily but one lazy night discovered it existed as an anime. The next day I returned. I had to reread a lot (forgot where precisely I left off). Instead of feeling unsure over my decision I was glad I did. As the manga moves into its second half a deeper plot begins to slowly unfold which grabs you in a way single mysteries just cannot. The character of Neuro will always remain mysterious but the incredible insights you find in the characters is fascinating. I especially grew fond of Detective Sasazuka whose 'aura' is so cool it lowers the office temperature by 3 degrees Celcius. Without him, even his pet goldfish begin to get oxygen-deprived. He is one hell of a laid-back leader whose flunkie, Ishigami Yuuya, embarrassingly idolizes. 
The many players in the world of
Majin Tantei Nougami Nero

His cells constantly mutating and changing.
X seeks answers in the innards of others.
They are just two of several people who Yako has a strange effect upon. She is like a light who brings out the glow in others. This is important because serious s*** is about to go down in Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. When the Phantom Sai X, an 'unknown' who can take the form of anyone and lives to kill Neuro to uncover his own identity, disappears before the police's eyes you know the character who takes him is going to be an evil one. 

Sicks vs. the Demon Neuro

Sicks, leader of the 'new bloodline' is literally an evil incarnate who has evolved to be something human but more than human. He is the orthogenetic evolution of evil intent. Meaning generations of those with evil intent only reproducing to choose those of more evil intent. Sicks does his best to recruit the demon Neuro and is disappointed when Neuro refuses. He miscalculated assuming a demon would be thrilled at the thought of killing all those humans not of the 'new bloodline.'

Neuro is not a human-lover but he is a conneuisseur of mysteries. To be able to eat such mysteries requires the
existence of these humans. Sick's 'five-fingers' those who are his top five minions are intent on destroying Neuro while obliverating all of this 'tick' of a human race. Living in the human world has weakened their demon enemy. The 'new bloodline' has devious plans to ensure Neuro's powers are used up leaving him open to destruction.

 Of course, they fail to see the importance of Yako's inner strength. She is no supernatural deity but her help will be needed in ways she has yet to fathom. The battle will be one filled with action, loss, compassion, and a surprise in just how much of a difference can be made by a few lowly humans.

Should You?

And to think five minutes prior this lady was holding
a newborn like the perfect housewife
This manga is not for the happy-go-lucky humor no violence allowed readers. Heck. Yako's every day schedule includes being tortured in creative ways by Neuro. And for those hoping for a romantic edge? In one chapter there was a story of somewhat romance which ended in complete sadness. Other than that, no romance. I will say the story does go into creative depths on how one can be deviously murdered (like using a frozen tomato or hair gel to unleash a body). This was a breath of fresh air (in a disturbing way) to the typical slasher type murdering tales. Also, especially in the earlier chapters you will find the culprit becomes nearly inhuman when he/she is discovered. The imagery could be deemed disturbing to some.

I recommend this manga to any good mystery lover who finds a fascination into the darker side of human nature. Evil
 is an intriguing subject which Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro examines in its own way. Be forewarned there are times when you think 'this is the perfect opportunity! Obviously one should attack now instead of drawing this out!' Or that is what I thought at times. Still, you might just find every step of the way to be as perfect as one of Neuro's 'Itadakimasu' or demon tool moments.

Manga Details

Name (s): 魔人偵探腦嚙涅羅; 魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ; Demonic Detective Neuro Nougami; Demonic Detective Nougami Neuro; Demon brain-eater detective Neuro; Majintantei Nougami Neuro; Neuro - Le Mange-mystères (French); Nougami Neuro 
Author/Artist: Matsui Yuusei

Genre(s): Horror, psychological, drama, mystery, shounen
No. of Chapters: 202
~Pages per Chapter: 20
Completed: Yes
Anime: Yes
Nintendo DS game: Oddly enough, yes