Karneval Anthology Review

Manga Anthology
If youŕe looking for a review on Karneval then try the recommendation section because Karneval Anthology has a twist on this great manga. Mikanagi Touya, the manga artist of the series Karneval, gives various artists a chance to be its manga creator. Although ongoing the anthology is a chapter by chapter solo comedy.

The talent of the artists is clear. Most chapters look
Mikanagi Touya's Karneval
as though they came from Mikanagi Touya's own chapters. None of them take away from what makes the manga's own storyline so intense. Instead they are like those '--.5' chapters which add a bit without being necessary. For Bleach fans it is a bit like the Shinigami Golden end of episode moments. Uberserious fans may skip them but they never know on the great moments they missed.

Attempting to make Akari-Sensei less terrifying
The chapters focus a great deal on all the second ship characters but also bring in the 'intimidating' Akari-sensei who the other captains hilariously attempt to makeover so Yogi won't constantly fear him. Jiki is there as well as a bit of Iva. Although many of the chapters seem to put poor Gareki in the midst of the comedy.

Out of all the chapters the one to be recommended
Second Ship plays House
for classically capturing the Circus personalities would (in my opinion) be Chapter 1. Yogi decides to play house but nothing ever goes as planned. Gareki is manipulated into playing (at the price of his pride) and ends up the son of a most unusual family. Where Tsukumo-chan, as the only female, insists on being the father. Yogi, a very strange mother, and Nai the crab/cat pet. Needless to say the entry of Akari-sensei can only make a hilarious sensation over-the-top.

I would recommend the Karneval Anthology to all readers of Karneval. Of course manga readers unfamiliar with the series Karneval are free to give it a read. Though much of the comedy will fall short without knowing something of each character's personalities. Chapters, like number six, definitely require a tad bit of knowledge from the later manga chapters. 

Name: Karneval Anthology

Manga Artist(s): Multiple

Chapters: Six

Status: Ongoing

Average Chapter Length
Varies from <10 to 20+

Anime: Anthology is a No 
but Karneval Manga is a Yes