24 Colors-Hatsukoi no Palette Manga Review

Kinoshita Nanaka sees the world through the eyes of an artist. On her first day of highschool Nanaka joins the art club where the exuberant Mibu Kento sculpts and Haijima Chihaya's paintings color the walls. Both artists find themselves falling for Kinoshita Nanaka. Will she be able to express her own feelings through her work? Or have these new feelings permanently robbed her world of color?

My Thoughts
I love to paint so when a light-hearted manga like 24 Colors-
Paintings in 24 Colors-done well in manga
Hatsukoi no Palette comes my way, I can't resist reading it. The colors are beautiful matching this manga's own artwork. I love the expressive eyes, hair, and...I just find it all very pretty. Especially when they incorporate 'ṕaintings' in the manga.

No need for words. These two let their art do the talking.
At only five chapters you don't get to know a great deal about the characters. In many ways I feel the emphasis on art being a way to express one's feelings makes up for it. We don't need to know every detail of a character's life to get what 24 Colors-Hatsukoi no Palette is 'saying.' 

This manga will paint itself onto your heart

The ending is a bit of a 'I figured it would be like that' but the manga itself admits we all knew it was going to play out like this. 24 Colors-Hatsukoi no Palette is about the journey to a painting more than the final product. Same goes for love in this manga.

To the Reader
Mibu Kento's flirty personality contrasts well with Haijima Chihaya's shyness
I would sum up this manga as being sakura blossom sweet. In acrylics I would call it a mix of titatium white with Alzarin Crimson. Mix them together for a beautiful pink and layer with streaks of white. In English: manga lovers with a flair for art references should check out 24 Colors. For any reader, there are little streaks of comedy throughout but the sweet subtle kind. Blushes and miscommunications about love abound.

For those who can't get enough love triangle action this is a
24 Colors. One love triangle. 2 pairs of strangers.
Three cheers for this manga work.
classic example. Two guys longing for the very same girl. Two very different approaches in how they show it. Only one can have her heart. For the loser? As one character says 'one person's trash is another's treasure. You're my treasure.' Probably not thought to be comedy but I laughed. 24 Colors-Hatsukoi no Palette. Give it  a try. It may be just the color you were looking for.  

Name(s): 24 Colors-Hatsukoi no Palette; 七色之戀; 24 لون; 24 Colors; 24 Warna; 24Colors~初恋のパレット 

Author(s): Chiba Kozue

Artist(s): Chiba Kozue

Released: 2008

Chapters: 5

Genre(s): Romance, School Life, Comedy, Slice of Life, Friendship, Drama

Status: Completed

Anime: No