Grainerie Manga Review

'Special' seeds are planted and studied strictly by a
team of investigators called Grainerliers. Of all the seeds, the most infamous are harmful seeds which cause unnatural changes when implanted in a person's body. Those who carry a seed are know as holders who are forced to hide the truth or risk being captured by the government. Lucas makes a horrifying decision and wakes up two years later to find he is now a 'holder.' Inside his body is a mystery, an untapped power which is about to change his life forever.

My Thoughts
To be honest I chose Graineliers because I really liked the cover art. The use of color separation to show distance, soft blends, and subtle lines drew me
The Amaranto tree spring up overnight: sinister or miracle?
in. The ability to give roots erupting from a person a strange beauty versus scene from hell is an immense talent. Seeds or not, these drawings made me wish I could produce a garden plant as lovely as an Amaranto tree in Graineliers.

Sadly for all I love the cover work I found myself
Why would you eat those?
feeling a tad letdown by the story line of Grainerie. At times it is painfully predictable, like Lucas's decision to listen to his neglectful father to take a handful of his 'experiment' seeds. His dad is on the run from the country's guards for illegal activity. Lucas, himself, is an illegal Grainelier. What did you think was going to happen young man?

Also. The little girl on the cover plays a major role in determining where Lucas fate goes. We get this thrill
Why ask who she is then not let us in? And why
did she disappear from this story entirely after like
2 chapters?
of 'wtf' from her and then she just...drops off the radar?! Perhaps there will be a return soon but for now I am at a bit of a loss about this plot idea. Same goes with plot happenings. The beginning chapters seem a little rough at keeping the plot flowing plausibly smoothly. Later chapters pick up in a more cohesive sense so perhaps the writer just needed to warm up. And longer chapters could help with moving the manga long. O well. I still enjoyed/am enjoying this read.

To the Readers
Frankly I'm not impressed with this 'danger' claim. All the holders I've
seen so far just want to be left alone to live in peace. 
The ideas in Graineliers might take a little adjusting to for many manga readers. The most updated (as of August 30th 2015) chapter I could find was 20 (and these are not long 40-50 pages more like less than 20). This leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions like who created the seeds? Why is it so bad to be a holder?ยจ If holders are dangerous then why does no one in the regular world seem to be worried? What is up with the little girl??! And who listens to a neglectful father who just tells you to do something before running away? Readers, I know this is ongoing so just prepare yourself for a bit of confusion.

For those looking to a specific recommendation based
Abel & Lucas friendship remains strong
on genre. There is a lot of good honest friendship in Grainerie (although some may claim it has yaoi undertones). Adventure, drama, fantasy...yes, yes, and yes. This manga is very low on fight scenes (almost nil) but it does have a great deal else going for it. Whether it will pan out to be a hit or a miss is still up in the air. Will I continue to read? Yes. Should you try it? I do recommend giving it a shot. Perhaps you will 'sprout' a love for Graineliers (haha). With that, I sign off on recommendations and reviews for today. O. And if you like, you can feel free to now follow Live Life Love Manga on Twitter.

Name(s): Graineliers, Gurainerie
Author(s): Takarai Rihito
Artist(s): Takarai Rhito
Genre(s): Drama Fantasy Friendship Adventure
Chapter(s): 20
Status: Ongoing
Anime: No