Hanabatake no Iberico Manga Review

When Riko's long time crush dubs her "Flower Garden Iberico-Chan " she is determined to change. With a new Look and attitude Riko starts high school ready to be the girl of his dreams. Will she win his heart with her new self or will Iberico block his view?

My Thoughts
I almost never see fat main manga characters so seeing Riko was a surprise. The idea of her being referred to as Iberico was a bit of a unique phrase. Then the manga shares Iberico is actually a term for a pig from the Iberia Peninsula of Portugal and Spain. Or more simply..that means she's fat. Ouch. I remember when my mother told me I looked like a stuffed sausage in a pair of pants. You don't forget comments like those in your younger years. Poor Riko.
Love-Struck for Hira-kun

Because this manga is a one shot we don't know much about the characters past or even current personalities. This makes it difficult to sort out how to feel about the characters. It is one thing to accidentally imply a girl is fat but to outright dub her a pig from the Spain/Portugal region? No matter how charming he might have gotten after a few years, it's going to take a lot more than a one shot for me to forgive that. 

I don't think a manga has ever both amused me and
annoyed me so much before and not in a good way. Let's just say I wouldn't recommend Riko to teach seminars on self esteem and loving one's self. Not if her version is lose weight, get fit, change your personality entirely all so you can be worthy enough to be with the boy who called you fat. Or she could've just gotten healthy for he own self? Agh. I try not to delve into the feelings area. Let's just move on.

Not a fan of the art

The artwork feels a bit rough at times. Almost like a sketch more than a finished manga page. I also must be honest I really do not like the dot patterns. And awkward shaded areas. Personal decision but they just irk me a bit. Especially after reading the Pretty 24 colors manga.

To the Reader
If you are on a ten minute break and in need of a distraction then Hanabatake no Iberico is an easy one shot decision. In fact you could probably read through it in less than five minutes. No need to even recommend to specific genres.

Alright. I can't help it! Guys. This manga works out but in
reality calling someone fat doesn't generally do it for her. And
it's more a way to open the door to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression then you think. Also, who leaves a girl waiting by herself??  All I can say about Hanabatake no Iberico is don't call people fat in any form and don't change your personality to please someone else. 


Name(s): Hanabatake no Iberico; 花畑のイベリコ

Author(s): Hinachi Nao

Artist(s): Hinachi Nao

Chapters: One Shot

Genre: Slice of Life, School Life, Romance, Drama

Status: Complete

Anime: No