The New Gate Manga Review

¨The New Gate¨ popular video game turned death game has finally been defeated. Shin has destroyed the final boss making it possible for the thousands of players to return to reality. After checking everyone has been freed, Shin is on the verge of being free of the game when a strange light blinds him. He opens his eyes to find he is back in the game only this time five hundred years have passed. Shin finds himself in the same world only it has changed completely. Now he must navigate the rules, keep on fighting, and uncover the mystery of the light so he can return to reality.

My Thoughts
Honest moment: I grew up never (almost never) playing video games. The closest I got was when someone gave us their old SuperNintendo in high school and I got the just released, all-new, Gameboy Color (I'm old.) I don't know how accurate The New Gate is with its gaming but I DO know this manga makes me want to play the game. 

The character Shin is who I really would love to play in a game. Yes. He is one of the strongest fighters and once sucked into this new reality astonishing with his skills. If he was only serious about battling I woud find it getting old pretty fast. Shin kept me entertained by his casual attitude, almost blaise, at fighting. 

In one chapter he vanquishes a 'lord' and returns to the village to find it in an uproar. People are dead, groups are being formed, and all the fighters are joining together in hopes of defeating the incredibly powerful enemy. The enemy which Shin defeated. He's totally casual although does point out it did break his sword. Everyone else is floored or would be if Shin wasn't doing his best to keep his powers under the radar. Not only is he a kickass fighter but also a man with a brain for strategy.

The other characters remind me a bit of when I did play Zelda (almost never) or Pokemon Yellow. They stay constant in their duties. Like the elf, who maintains the Schee's store where one can buy items or the owner of the inn, 'the bear' Shin stays at. The beauty of 'The New Gamt' is they keep true to the video game standard but still have personality and quirks. 

As for the artwork, I really loved it. Shin's side profile reminds me of Gareki (one of my favorite manga characters) from Karneval. All the characters have their different look but they make sense. They fit into the video game theme by being a bit simplistic in design yet their expressions are so well done. 

I also love that they look like adults which is what they are and although some have sex appeal, the boobs don't detract from their personality. Plus, I can take them seriously instead of rolling my eyes and wondering how those Miracle Bra babes don't suffer routine wardrobe malfunctions.

To the Reader
Gamers should definitely check out The New Gate. Compared
to many animes and mangas involving gaming it is a breath of fresh air. Why? This is what happens after the 'everyone got sucked into a death game and now must escape' usual escapade. No one really pursues that avenue so kudos to The New Gate for giving it a go. 

Those who enjoy comedy are in luck. This is no awkward romantic situation comedy but a bit more on the subtle side. If you appreciate action then Shin will definitely come through for you. Same goes with those who seek out the adventure genre. In a way mystery also comes through in 'The New Gate' as we don't know who or why Shin has been sent here five hundred years in the future.

For other genre lovers, horror fans should check out my
reviews on Kiben, Tokyo Kushuu, and Sugar Dark which may peak your interest more. Romance lovers, there may be romance coming up in this manga (it is ongoing) but Orange
Marmalade's review might be more your fit. All in all, I do recommend it to manga fans, even non-gamers. You don't have to know gaming to find it a great read. Check it out and you may be surprised.

Note: The New Gate is based on the light novel. This is a review of the manga not Light Novel. However, I am in the midst of reading the light novel and I really really encourage you to give it a shot. The light novel form is more difficult to understand (for me) than the manga because I don't always understand all the gaming references. I do love getting to know more about Shin and his past so I am sticking with the novel! 

Name(s): The New Gate
Author(s): Kazanami Shinogi
Artist(s): Miwa Yoshiyuki
Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Chapters: 9
Status: Ongoing