UndeadEd Webtoon/Manga Review

Ed has no pulse, no breath, and no life. He's been declared dead but Ed's not at rest. He's walking, talking, and even dating. Now the only thing he wants is to find out just what he is. Vampire? Ghoul? Zombie? Ed, the Undead, is on a living search to solve the question of his undead identity. 

My Thoughts
 UndeadEd recalls to mind Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride
I saw the art for UndeadEd and immediately felt an affinity for it. The style is very reminiscent of my favorite director, Tim Burton. His film the Corpse Bride (which I love) has dead who act very undead and they look a lot like our Ed. The fact that his shirt remains almost always the most brilliant color in each panel also reminds me of the film. In it the undead have brilliant color while the world of the living is in bland colors. I love seeing the color contrast and the details taken with Ed. Not in the art but little things. Like how he has a bit of straggly hair on his chin just like those living do.

The plan failed but successfully made me laugh.
The second reason for enjoying UndeadEd for me was what my mother would call my 'bizarre' taste in humor. Even though he has repeatedly been declared dead no one seems repulsed by Ed. He goes on dates even getting action. The humor is morbid and often weird. Again, I like that. For example, Ed is told he no longer has a job since several weeks ago he was declared dead. His first plan for income is to attempt blackmailing his boss by pinning his 'murder' on the man. When that fails he takes up 'corpsing'which is playing a corpse for medical students. As one fellow corpse later points out 'using your body for money? it's not unheard of.' 

The makeup of UndeadEd (which is based on the webtoon) is
a bit strange from a typical manga. The first several chapters are only a page or two. They are like a type of meme on scenarios when one is living but not living. I really enjoyed these but agree with the creator's decision to morph into an actual storyline. One shots amuse but wondering how a story will end is what draws many of us readers back.

To the Reader

You gotta know what necrophilia is to find the humor here. 
UndeadEd is a unique manga which looks at the world of the supernatural in a more comedic way. You need to put your previous ideas at the door to fully appreciate the  experience. Especially when it comes to the sexual humor in this. Many mangas I read have sexual humor which is more visual. Ed uses a play on words which some people may need a few moments to understand. This is why I don't recommend it to young readers. I don't want to receive comments asking 'why did my child want to know what a permanent e****ion was? What kind of pervert are you?!' Let's just say: if you have to ask an adult then come back to this one later.

GooseBumps (viewer beware!) and Buffy always
gave a range of monster information. Totally prepares you
for a job in academics.
For supernatural lovers I think you may enjoy seeing zombies, ghouls, and vampires from a new light.Very different from our usual manga depictions and the whole question of why Ed is dead but not? Now that is a mystery I hope to see solved. Perhaps the webtoon has already explained it. I'm not sure. I still haven't had time to experience it.

Not your typical romantic manga tale. Kudos for creativity.
At forty-nine chapters this manga is suprisingly a short read. I mentioned the first several are only a page or two. Things are a bit longer now but unlike typical mangas, each page is one scene not multiple window shots. However, if you choose to do it webtoon style then you would have four panels on one page. Reading choice is really a personal preference, you can't go wrong. If you have never read a webtoon manga then UndeadEd is one to consider or if you prefer the genres of  romantic/supernatural/school life there is the beautiful Orange Marmalade (I have a review on it). Well then. I hope you make the 'live'ly decision to give UndeadEd a read or a webtoon watch!

Name: UndeadEd
Author(s): Boredman
Artist(s): Boredman
Release: 2015
Chapters: 49
Genre(s): Supernatural, Comedy, Drama
Ongoing: Yes
Anime: No
Webtoon: Yes

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