XXXholic Rei Manga Review

Those who have read XXXholic (or seen the anime) know the story of Kimihiro Watanuki. A student with the ability to see spirits who finds himself the part-timer of a mysterious time-space witch by the name of Yuuko. She promises to grant his wish to be free of the spirits, in exchange, he must work for her doing whatever she demands.

Watanuki begins to recall the past 
While the first manga builds the storyline, Rei is what you might call a second season. You need to have read at least a good chunk of the first to understand the second. In Rei there is a great deal more emphasis on Watanukis past than on any other aspect. Many manga/anime characters seem to be without parents so it is not to uncommon for a boy the age of Watanuki to live alone. And in the beginning of the original manga no one really focuses on why that is. We also do not really become aware of the fact that Watanuki actually has no memory of previous times. This is where Rei comes in beautifully and where I have to admire Clamp.

Mysterious caller from another dimension
Rei starts in the familiar scenario in Yuukos shop. Customers with a wish are drawn in by inevibility and not coincidence. Their wishes are told then granted in unusual ways. Only there is a difference in payment than we have come to know. While customers continue to come it is Watanuki who begins to find changes are happening. Strange thoughts flit like memories forgotten, the truth is just out of reach, and the answer must come from his choice alone. Or as we comes from a certain someone Tsubasa followers will know well.

My Thoughts
The truth comes from Watanuki alone. Yuukos eyes are sad
I enjoyed Rei immensely because while the original manga is enjoyable, it is always an excellent feeling to finally see the puzzle pieces begin to draw themselves together in a different way. If you know the story of XXXholic well you will probably love finally getting to see the mature and strong young man who we once saw as a bit of a spazz.  Rei has small spots of humor but for the most part I would describe it as being dramatic and a touch tragic. 

There is a softness to Watanukis journey to discovering his past and it makes the time it takes enjoyable rather than feeling like you have to trudge through it so you can finally reach the end.
Returning to the beginning to understand the truth
The original manga does share a great deal of the same story happenings but I find Rei does it better. I felt less like I was trying to catch all these new revelations coming at me with ludicrous speed and more like I could enjoy them one by one. 

Reis last page (update soon!)
Rei is also ongoing (yay!) which does mean cliffhangers but being able to return to the world of XXXholic on a regular basis? Simply awesome. Getting to know what comes after the end is not for everyone but I am most definitely a fan. Also, I love the manga illustration style of XXXholic. I can never get enough Yuuko drawings...

To the Reader:
If you have read the XXXholic manga then I strongly recommend
reading XXXholic Rei. You may decide you like the first better but
Do you wish to enjoy this manga?
at least you got to experience this manga a new awesome way. For those interested in Rei I suggest you read the original manga first so you can understand this one. Or you could possibly cheat and use wiki but that kinda ruins the fun of experiencing an excellent manga.

Name (s): XXXholic: Rei; XXXholic: Return
Artist: Clamp
Author: Clamp
Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Mystery, Fantasy
Released: 2013
Chapters: 43
Ongoing: Yes
Anime: Ok. There is XXXholic Rei but its not this Rei

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