Hajimete Ageru Manga Review

Yano Atikata-senpai is the most gorgeous guy in school and no one is more surprised than Sayu when he confesses his feelings for her. Sayu is thrilled but jealous whispers and negativity surrounding the two make Sayu wonder why Yano-Senpai would have feelings for her.

My Thoughts
'Hajimete Ageru!' is a manga which will make you say
'awwww!' Even I, who normally lacks patience for romance, really enjoyed this one shot. Part of it is just the feeling of how you would love to see a school life romance actually happen. You show up nervous on your first day. The most gorgeous guy approaches you. He confesses. You feel like a fairy tale princess and he walks you home. 

Hajimete Ageru! is a little more realistic than the school life fantasy. There's always jealousy, especially when no one understands why two people are together. Also, this manga does give us the answer to the mystery of why Yano Akitata (the gorgeous) senpai seemed to choose a random girl who does't even know him. The answer is quite sweet just like the rest of the manga.

As for the art? Holds a bit of similarity to Vampire Knight what with the wide-eyed innocent gal and the sexy maturer looking older guy. Rather pretty as well. Even the blushes, which sometimes are a huge negative for me, manage to look right. Hair? Gorgeous. Eyes? Beautiful. Well done Hoshimori Yukimo!

To the Reader
If you are in the mood for a short yet absolutely sweet
Taaj Manzoor: Hilarious as Always
romance then Hajimete Ageru! is a must read. At thirty-five pages it can be read as a pick-me-up on a break at work or a relaxing moment by the lakefront. Alright that one applied more to myself but as Taaj from Come Fly With Me Says...¨You get me? You don't get me? You got me?..Good!¨

Name(s): 『はじめて』あげる! ; Hajimete Ageru!

Author(s): Hoshimori Yukimo

Artist(s): Hoshimori Yukimo

Release: 2009

Chapters: One Shot

Genre(s): School life; One shot; Romance

Status: Complete

Anime: No

Note: I apologize if this recommendation/manga review is rather shoddy. I am fighting with my health a lot today and this week particularly. Hopefully, the outlook will be better tomorrow :?