Part 2 of Alive-the Final Evolution Manga Review

If you have not read Part 1 of Alive-The Final Evolution Manga Review OR read the first 36 chapters then immediately stop reading. You will find the review on the right hand side of this page under the month labeled September. I refuse to be held responsible if you feel spoilers have ruined your experience. This is your final warning.

Now...on to the Review
The final confrontation ended with Hirose and Taisuke
disappearing in the wake of the heart's destruction. Except the heart is not destroyed; it has become the property of the military, a secret project. The only one who can defeat it for good is Taisuke. Taisuke who reappears with no memory, no power, and a strange motley of 'family.' Manipulations and personal sacrifices will be made as the final battle between the heart, Hirose's remains, and the power users determine the fate of this planet.

My Thoughts
8 New Characters in One Page. Not to mention Tezuka Yukie gets around
I would have been happy with the first ending/epilogue. Honestly I really found the last section to be a bit jumbled with so many new characters emerging it got overwhelming. Almost as overwhelming as attempting to decipher the complexity of the heart. Pieces are missing of the heart? Alien type interference? Katsumata being reduced to practically a nanny/servant? It's easy to get confused.

Loved Part 1
The artwork in Alive-The Final Evolution (last 40ish chapters) did become more impressive over time. I had already like it from the get-go but the artist grew  into taking a bit more in risks which paid off. 
Loved Part 2

The look of the characters saved me from wondering constantly wondering who was who. Their distinctions couldn't save my confusion over plot points but it did make it easier on the eyes.

Now for why I really REALLY which Alive-The Final Evolution had ended at the first storyline/epilogue. I HATED the ending. Loathed it. Kept trying to figure out if somehow this manga was actually still ongoing as an explanation for it. Here's an illustration as to what it could be compared to: You watch an artist begin a painting. He makes the light initial sketches, chooses his paints, begins to apply the layers, slowly builds up to the final coat, and signs his name. You've been watching the process from afar and cannot wait to see the results up close. The anticipation is tantalizing. All this work
does so well, hours invested. Just when you are about to take it in the artist pours gasoline over it. Torches the whole thing. The painting goes up in flames in your face. You say....'why would you do that?!!!' and he walks away without a single word. No explanation as to why such a work which took hours & was about to astound you was destroyed. Agh. The frustration makes you want to hunt him down to demand their be an answer! Why would you give such a great manga such a let-down ending? Why? WHY???

To the Reader
If you like the sci-fi, adventure, and action of the first half of Alive-The Final Evolution you will still be enthralled by the rest of the story line. There are fights between power users and the military, like the
Human D2 vs. Power User Takumi in their final battle
one between D2 and Yuri Takumi which make action mangas what they are. Sci-fi lovers should note this half does take a strange twilight feeling towards the end. The answer to the Alive part of The Final Evolution belongs in  a Twilight Zone episode. If you don't know what The Twilight Zone is then do look it up or look up Amazing Stories because both make you wonder who is the genius behind such storylines.

Quite trippy at the end
Regardless of genre, make sure you have a good grasp of the first season(?) because you will be incredibly confused regarding the sort of(?) romantic triangle in Alive-The Final Evolution. Though looking back I am beginning to think you may not need the first half to understand the second  half as much as I originally believed. Many of the characters are completely urelated and new. The ones returning get little recaps occasionally to refresh our memories. I say you just read the first part anyway since I believe it to be the best.

Name(s): Alive; Alive-Final Evolution; Alive-The Final Evolution
Author(s): Tadashi Kawashima
Artist(s): Kodansha
Release: 2003
Chapters: 82
Genre(s): Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Status: Complete
Anime: No (Gonzo cancelled plans for it)