The Cliff Manhwa/Webtoon Review

Stranded on a cliff ledge two friends have only a faint
hope of rescue and a single chocolate bar left. One begs to share. The other is desperate to stay alive at any cost even if it means hoarding it to himself. Lies. A fall. And lone survivor, Dong-Uk , finds the horror on The Cliff is coming for him.

My Thoughts
Survival is all about working together.
 Naked & Afraid is a good example.
This Webtoon freaking scared the hell out of me. I watch a lot of documentaries on climbing, climbing gone wrong, and how the heck did you survive climbing moments. I believe this same scenario (or one very similar) did happen where two people were caught on a narrow ledge desperate for rescue. They didn't have a chocolate bar but both did survive. The two survived by working together probably why nothing like The Cliff happened at the end.

what the f*** is that?
The beauty of the horror in The Cliff comes from the suspense. There are horror movies where the focus is on gore, blood, etc. Those don´t scare me. Having the suspense of knowing something is coming, something which makes your skin that does scare me. The unknown is scary even if you have a huge suspicion of where things are going.

Shades of creepy grey
One of my greatest loves about webtoons has always been their dazzling color. Well. Color is dazzling after you have been through a lot of black & white mangas. The Cliff is not exactly in color. Mostly in a color range of blacks with greys they set the tone of the manga. Shadows work far better than sunshine when you are creating a horror work. 

Not the most memorable of artwork but well-done for this manga
The artwork is not my favorite. I wasn't overly wowed by the illustrator's vision. The characters do not stand out. In my mind I can picture the webtoon story but not the character's faces. They just don't stand out compared to other webtoon art like that of Orange Marmalade or UndeadEd. To see what I mean check out my reviews on both.

To the Reader
Horror ain't no fairytale story
I enjoy a good horror manga which is why I highly recommend this webtoon to horror lovers. At 9 chapters (also known in webtoon as episodes) it's a short read and complete. The other reader type I highly recommend The Cliff for are those who enjoy a show like 'I Shouldn't Be Alive' or other extreme climbing situation horrors. Except don't forget this isn't going to have a fairy tale ending. That's not a spoiler. It's just common sense when it comes to horror.

Serious advice on reading The Cliff
This is Halloween month so for those outside of the suspense/horror manga genre fans you should consider giving this webtoon a read. Gets you a bit into the spirit of the season or you can do something a bit calmer like get a pumpkin. Maybe take a hay ride? Read this webtoon on a mobile device on a hay ride? Sounds like it could be interesting.

Name(s): The Cliff; ผาหลอน ซ่อนปม; 절벽귀
Artist: Seongdae Oh
Author: Seongdae Oh
Original Publisher: Naver
Year: 2012
Chapter(s)/Episode(s): 9
Genre: Horror, psychological, thriller
Status: Complete
Webtoon: Yes
Anime: No