Wish Upon a Glass Manga Review

Find a piece of red sea glass and your wish is sure to come true. Sachiko is searching for her own piece of red sea glass. Can it make her romantic wish come true?

My Thoughts
When I go sea glass collecting I forever dream of
This legend belongs pretty solely to this manga only.
finding a red piece. This color is the rarest so I can understand the desire to find one. The legend, however, isn't true and if it were...I would use the wish to make 'Wish Upon A Glass' a good manga.

Being a one shot it is guaranteed we are not going to
Chiba. You need to work on these love confessions. I just
cannot take you seriously in your 'love.'
get a character's full background. I accept this. I cannot accept when an author alludes to a whole complex past expecting us to somehow get what precisely is going on. This whole triangle (is it a love triangle?) is completely bewildering. Chiba has a thing for Sachiko but frankly absolutely sucks in his 'love' attempt. The kid doesn't even give Sachiko a chance to really react before scurrying away. 

Then Yuuto? Wtf. Does he have feelings for Chiba? Or
Yuuto loves Chiba? I think..? No idea.
is he actually friends with Sachiko for real? WHAT IS THE DEAL? And WHY ARE YOU ABUSING THE AWESOMENESS OF SEA GLASS IN THIS MANGA? Sea glass lovers everywhere cringe at you!

The upper right arm. Just one of
many odd decisions
There are times where I can forgive the manga letdown if it's beautiful. Beautiful manga? I can just ignore the words and enjoy the scenery. Wish Upon Glass drove me  insane from certain body part proportions. Manga characters don't look like typical humans BUT proportions are just as important. If you aim to start drawing manga then proportions take up whole chapters in the art. There were times proportions were just so off, neck placement awkward, and sometimes the body'ś pose just made me go wha...is that?

To the Reader
Short but sweet. School life. Romance
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This manga proclaims itself romance genre but I find it difficult to recommend it to romantics. There just isn't the beautiful romantic feeling found in works like Orange Marmalade, 24 Colors Hatsukoi no Palette, or Ouran High School Host Club (check out reviews of Orange Marmalade & 24 Colors in my Completed section). If you want school life then those three are my favorite picks for you. If you really want to go ahead and read Wish Upon a Glass. Perhaps you will like it. And finally, don't pick a manga just because it goes with your hobby. Sometimes it really backfires. 

Now excuse me while I go take something for this tachycardia.  This manga review/recommendation got me so ticked off it aggravated my autonomic system. 

Name(s): Wish Upon a Glass; Wish On Glass; Akai Sea Glass; Red Sea Glass

Author(s): Yamakawa Aiji

Artist(s): Yamakawa Aiji


Genre(s): One shot, School Life, Romance

Status: Complete

Chapter(s): One Shot

Anime: No